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1st EAI International Conference on Design, Learning & Innovation

May 2–3, 2016 | Esbjerg, Denmark

How to reach Esbjerg


This is where the conference venue is located:

  • 5 minutes by taxi from the city centre
  • approximately 15 minutes by BUS 6 or BUS 14. You can also check the Travelling plan to find out more about the exact schedule and the route - maps and stations included.

Travelling to Esbjerg

When planning your travel to Esbjerg you have different transport options. Esbjerg can be reached by airplane, train, ferry, car and bus, depending where you travel from.

Airline options:

Esbjerg is serviced from four airports / Esbjerg (5 minutes to venue), Billund (40 minutes to venue), Aarhus (75 minutes to venue) and Copenhagen (3 hours).

Travelling to Billund is the most popular and cost efficient route.

Transport from airport:

The quickest mean of transport from Billund to Esbjerg is the taxi. Please note, you need to pre-order for pick up. The taxi and expenses can be shared between more delegates, as it is an approximate ride of 60 minutes from the airport to Esbjerg.

Sharing taxi between Billund Airport and Esbjerg! Please refer to THIS SPREADSHEET
If you want to share a taxi with other delegates, you can write an entry in the Spreadsheet above, including the Date and Hour of arrival/departure, Name and Contact Info (whichever you prefer). This way, you can contact (or be contacted by) other delegates who share a similar schedule as yours, for the purpose of sharing the taxi and expenses. Please note that there are two pages in the spreadsheet, one for arrivals (Billund to Esbjerg) and one for Departures (Esbjerg to Billund).

Esbjerg railway station is operated by Danish State Railways. Esbjerg is the western terminus of InterCity trains from Copenhagen (operating every other hour), with the journey taking about three hours. DSB also operates local trains to Fredericia. Arriva operates Vestbanen local trains south to Ribe and Tønder and north to Struer.

To see information about available trains and buses to Esbjerg, departures and schedule, check this link.

Ferry lines:

For ferry services, refer to DFDS ferry line.

For more info visit the following websites:


Travel Information and useful link