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Accepted papers

Main Track:

Intergenerational Playful Experiences based on Digital Games for Interactive Spaces
Bacca, Felipe (Universidad de Zaragoza); Cerezo, Eva (Universidad de Zaragoza); Gil, Rosa (Universitat de Lleida); Aguelo, Antonio (Universidad de Zaragoza); Blasco, Ana Cristina (Universidad de Zaragoza); Coma, Teresa (Universidad de Zaragoza); Garrido, Maria Angeles (Universidad de Zaragoza)
Future Perspective for Virtual- and Augmented Reality-Supported Teaching for Professional Caregivers
Anders Kalsgaard Møller (Aalborgs university); Brooks, Eva (Aalborgs university)
Towards the development of AI based generative design tools and applications
Chacon Quintero, Juan Carlos; Martinez Nimi, Hisa (Chiba University); Ono, Kenta (Chiba University); Kloss, Bastian (Chiba University)
Discourses of Digital Game Based Learning as a Teaching Method – Design Features and Pedagogical Opportunities Associated with Teachers’ Evaluation of Educational Game apps
Sjöberg, Jeanette (Halmstad University); Brooks, Eva (Aalborgs university)
The Impact of a Digitally-Augmented Reading Instruction on Reading Motivation and Comprehension of Third Graders
Ribeiro, Pedro (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences); Michel, Anna (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences); Sylla, Cristina (Research Centre on Child Studies – ITI/LARSyS); Iurgel, Ido (Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences); Müller, Wolfgang (University of Education); Ressel, Christian (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences); Wennemaring, Katharina (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences)
Learning strategies among students during the sudden transition to online teaching in a PBL-university
Hindhede, Anette Lykke (Aalborg University); Andersen, Vibeke Harms (Aalborg University); Gnaur, Dorina (Aalborg University)
A model approach for an automatic clothing combination system for blind people
Rocha, Daniel (Algoritmi R&D, University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal); Carvalho, Ví­tor (Polytechnic Institute of Cávado e Ave); Soares, Filomena (University of Minho); Oliveira, Eva (Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave)
Seasonal Sunlight Chamber: A lighting design concept to connect us to the dynamics of sunlight and our place on Earth
Strebel, Emma (Aalborg University); Hansen, Ellen Kathrine (AAU)
Increasing reading engagement for Danish gymnasium students: The Hosier and His Daughter as a serious game
Petersen, Mads Strømberg (Aalborg University); Hansen, Niklas Lee Skjold (Aalborg University); Jakobsen, Gustav (Aalborg University); Bjørner, Thomas (Aalborg University)
Towards Applying ARCS Model for a Blended Teaching Methodologies: A Quantitative Research on Students’ Motivation amid the COVID-19 Durrani, Usman Khan (Ajman University); Kamal, Muhammad Mustafa (Coventry University)
Towards the development of AI based generative design tools and applications
Chacon Quintero, Juan Carlos; Martínez Nimi, Hisa (Chiba University); Kloss, Bastian (Chiba University); Ono, Kenta (Chiba University)
Designing a learning robot to encourage collaboration between children
Kaag, Wouter (University of Twente); Theune, Mariët (Human Media Interaction, University of Twente); Huibers, Theo W.C. (Human Media Interaction, University of Twente)
Explore the Effects of Usefulness and Ease of Use in Digital Game-Based Learning on Students’ Learning Motivation, Attitude, and Satisfaction Huang, Chun-Hsiung (Ling Tung University)
Removing Digital Natives from Technological Illiteracy with the weblog Della Ventura, Michele (Music Academy “Studio Musica”)

Work-in-Progress Track:

Potentiating Digital Educational Environments through Data Analytics Lima Faria, Flávio (Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave – EST); Oliveira, Eva (Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave); Sylla, Cristina (Research Centre on Child Studies – ITI/LARSyS); Gil, Maite (Research Centre on Child Studies, Universidade do Minho)
GamAll: Playing Beyond Boundaries -Gamification and Multimodal Literacy
Salaberri, Marcelo (Universidade do Minho); Gil, Maitê (Research Centre on Child Studies, Universidade do Minho); Sylla, Cristina (Research Centre on Child Studies – ITI/LARSyS, Universidade do Minho)

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