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Accepted papers

Main Track

An Automated Tool for Creating Clothing Catalog Databases: MyEyes-FashionCosta, Mariana (IPCA);
Rocha, Daniel (IPCA);
Carvalho, Vítor (Polytechnic Institute of Cávado e Ave)
Unveiling Design Leadership: A Case Study of Philips’ Chief Design Officers Stefano Marzano and Sean CarneyPinheiro, Gisela (Universidade de Aveiro)
Improved reading engagement for high school students by used game-based learningBjørner, Thomas (Aalborg University)
Interactive Learning Spaces: Influencing factors of Codesign in Design Thinking Processes for the Design of prototyping machines for SMEs in BoliviaOlivares Ugarte, Jazmin Estefania (Lund University / Universidad Mayor de San Simón);
Arandia Arzabe, Franco (Lund University / Universidad Mayor de San Simón)
Instructional Design for Virtual Reality: Prototype Testing and Participant Experience EvaluationCastelhano, Maria (Universidade do Porto);
Morato, Diana (Universidade de Aveiro);
Morgado, Leonel (Universidade Aberta);
Pedrosa, Daniela (University of Aveiro and CIDTFF)
Co-designing with the machine: Learning through co-designing with artificial intelligent agents.Chacon Quintero, Juan Carlos (Chiba University);
Martinez Nimi, Hisa (Chiba University)
AR Safari: Exotic Invasion – Hybrid augmented reality game supporting the construction of digital game narratives for children.Oliveira, Carla (University of Aveiro)
The impact of concept mapping on achievement and attitude in a thermodynamics courseKAMBLE, SACHIN (Terna engineering college Navi Mumbai India); Pawar, Usha
(Datta Meghe college of Engineering, Navi Mumbai, India)
Tech for Student Well-being: Exploring Data-generated Insights in K-12 EducationSjöberg, Jeanette (Halmstad University);
Bergdahl, Nina (Halmstad University);
Sjödén, Björn (Halmstad University);
Nouri, Jalal (Stockholm University)
Low-cost learning: enabling refugee NGOs to lead entre-preneurship programs independentlyFox, Anne Elizabeth Monique (NTNU);
Klefstad, Bjørn (NTNU);
Strand, Knut Arne (NTNU)
Pioneering the path to success: An analysis of the challenges in entrepreneurial educationSampaio, Suzana (University of Galway);
Cormican, Kathryn (University of Galway);
Shinde, Sagar (University of Galway);
Çakır, Özge (EDUJI Research & Development);
Sarsar, Fırat (EDUJI Research & Development);
Van Leeuwen, Manon (EOLAS)
Design for a “smart & green” educational tool. Positive technology to enhance conscious and sustainable behaviors. The AURA research project.Caruso, Ivo (Federico II – University of Naples);
Morone, Alfonso (Federico II University of Naples);
Parlato, Susanna (Federico II University of Naples); Sarno, Iole (Federico II University of Naples);
Adad, Guilherme Nicolau (Federico II University of Naples)

Late Track

Towards Computational Play: Designing Open-Ended Play-Responsive Environments Supporting Computational Thinking in Early Childhood Education and CareBrooks, Eva (Aalborg University); Dau, Susanne (University College North); Bertel, Lykke Brogaard (Aalborg University); Granone, Francesca (University of Stavanger); Edstrand, Emma (Halmstad University); ReikerĂĄs, Elin Kirsti Lie (University of Stavanger)
STEM self-efficacy for pre-service social educatorsKaup, Camilla Finsterbach (Aalborg University)
Co-designing VR Game Content for Sustainability EducationJokumsen, Line Højberg (Aalborg Universitet); Schlander, Daniel Harlow (Aalborg Universitet); Schurer, Maja Højslet (Aalborg Universitet); Møller, Anders Kalsgaard (Aalborg University)
A Participatory Research Approach Applying Video Stories and SketchesHenningsen, Birgitte (Aalborg University, Dept. of Culture & Learning); Ørngreen, Rikke (Aalborg University, Dept. of Culture & Learning)
Towards Organizational Design Principles – An Explorative Interdisciplinary Case Study Investigating Digitally Supported Learning Spaces in Higher EducationØrngreen, Rikke (Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University); Knudsen, Sara Paasch (Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University); Hautopp, Heidi (Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University); Jensen, Rune Gram Hagel (Center for Digitally Supported Learning, Aalborg University)
Exploration Games: Can Game-Guided Systems Support Users in Automated Exhibition Sites?Krishnasamy, Rameshnath (Aalborg University); Vistisen, Peter (Aalborg University)
Singing for Anxiety: Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of 3D User Interface Compared to 2D User Interface During Virtual Reality Exposure TherapyAdjorlu, Ali (Aalborg University Copenhagen); Serafin, Stefania (Aalborg University Copenhagen)
The use of Student-Generated Stories to Unveil Pre-Service Teachers’ Inner Development and Self-Awareness as Science Teachers in Primary School.Högström, Per (Halmstad University); Högström, Jenny (Halmstad University)

Work in Progress Track

Towards an Understanding of the Role of Visualisation and Experimentation in Design Thinking Processes with Novice DesignersEdstrand, Emma (Halmstad University); Brooks, Eva (Aalborg University)
RE-GENerative knowledge from re-generative production In water Under Surface: Integrating sustainable initiatives with STEAM and digital learning in schools (RE-GENIUS)Sundin, Ebba (Halmstad University); Forsberg, Elenita (Halmstad University)
Advancing Anti-Doping Education through Virtual Reality A Comprehensive Intervention for Young AthletesPouliou, Panayota (Aalborg Univarsity Copenhagen); Ourda, Despoina (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki); Barkoukis, Vasileios (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki); Palamas, George (Malmo University)
A plan for increasing engagement in challenge-based learningLelis, Catarina (university of aveiro)
Investigating Cultural Folklore to Inform Design ResearchHussaini, Sana (San Francisco State University); Christensen, Ellen (San Francisco State University)