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Call for Workshop Proposals

Why workshop?

The Conference Organizing Committee invites submissions from individuals or groups to conduct Workshops at the DLI 2023. All proposals related to design, learning and innovation (DLI) are also welcome to the conference.

Workshops are highly interactive sessions focused around an activity or problem-based discussion that provides useful and/or tangible takeaways for participants. In addition to the content specification of the proposal, a list of expendable materials and/or any special requirements (e.g., space or equipment) is also required. Workshop leaders should plan on providing all materials needed for the workshop. Workshop activities must be able to be completed within a 2-hour session.

Deadline for Workshop Proposals

31 July 2023

Proposal content

  • Workshop title
  • Abstract (less than 200 words)
  • Name, affiliation, and e-mail address for each organizer
  • Identification of the primary contact person(s)
  • Background and Motivation: What is the overall topic of the workshop? Why is this topic of particular interest at this time? If the workshop has been organized in the past at Pervasive Health or other conferences, please give details of previous instances (venue, URL) and describe why it should be held again and how it will extend and build upon previous ones.
  • Topics and scope: These should be within or close to the scope covered by the main conference, as mentioned above.
  • Format: Give a description of the proposed workshop format, including the target number of participants, planned activities (such as introductions, invited talks, breakout group activities, general discussion), as well as how these activities address the workshop objectives.
  • Soliciting Submissions: Indicate how you plan to attract submissions and/or participants. Tactics may include circulating a call to relevant mailing lists (indicate these please as well), publicizing your workshop at other relevant venues, and more.
  • Selecting Participants: Indicate how you plan to select participants and contributions to the workshop. Indicate a program committee to help with the organization/review process.
  • Organizers: Give short descriptions of each of the organizers’ background and interests related to pervasive computing and the specific workshop topic.

Proposal submission

Workshop proposals should be submitted in a maximum of 4 pages in PDF format, single-spaced.

Please email your workshop proposals to [email protected]